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Launching the Mobile App

I congratulate Shri Sunil Jaglan while launching the Mobile App "Selfie with Daughter". Shri Jaglan's efforts in initiating this campaign in Haryana are praiseworthy. Selfie with Daughter has become a worldwide movement against female and sex selection. I hope that this would eventually help in dealing with the problems arising out of gender imbalance.
The App is an innovative concept and an act of gentle persuasion. I urge people to take photographs with their daughters and upload on the App to make the campaign a success.


About the Foundation

To provide special recognition to the girl child allowing them grow to become equally empowered human beings in the society where there prevails an environment of rampant bias toward girls & womenfolk, and to impart greater impetus to already set out government initiatives and campaigns for meeting the objective of sensitization of the society in general and the male members of the society in particular towards the Rights, Equality, Education, Health, Safety, Participation and Empowerment of Girls and Women more quarters are imperatively needed to be erected in the shape of NGOs, hence the “Selfie with daughter Foundation” comes into being.


Sunil JaglanFounder