'Selfie With Daughter' campaign launched - The Himalayantimes - Nepal
'Selfie With Daughter', a campaign primarily based on the goals of women empowerment and gender equality, was formally launched in Nepal. Initiated by Sunil Jaglan from Haryana of India, the campaign has won the hearts of many people and has also earned support, encouragement and commendation from the government level.
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It’s a Date, Period
WHEN MUSKAN SAEED, 13, approached Mubasshira Khan, 23, a few months ago, the former was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her menstruation cycle had started two weeks ago and would not stop. Apart from the sheer physical trauma, Muskan was at her wits’ end; she didn’t know who to talk to and was hoping Khan would help her out.
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'Period charts' help young Indian women end menstruation shame
Even simply uttering the words “period” or “menstruation” evoked shame and disgust at Pooja’s home during the years she transformed from a girl into a woman. The 19-year-old from a family in the Nuh district of Haryana state – one of India’s most conservative regions – was told by her mother for years that the monthly biological process was a “clandestine” affair andany mention of it was forbidden.
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In India, Village Girls Inspire Backward District to Send Daughters to School
NUH, INDIA - Wasima Khan dropped out of school six years ago. She is not an exception but the norm in Nuh, a district in northern India where the female literacy rate of about 30% is barely half the national average.
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How organizations & NGOs bringing change in patriarchal Haryana
With the slogan "aurtein uthi nahi to zulm badta jayega" in mind, various organizations and NGOs with baby steps are making small but impact change in patriarchal Haryana and aiming to create revolution in state which is popular for highest gang rapes in the region . They are aiming to shift cultural norms of the society. Some are working at micro level seeking to bring about change in behavior pattern of school going children and making them aware about gender sensitization and other related issues. Some are acting as pressure groups. Some are directly involved with the victims and survivors on ground level and helping them get justice by providing legal aid and other help. Breakthrough
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Nameplates for social equality to ‘molkis’
“I hardly remember what it was back home. I was bought as a bride and have lived here for 45 years. I am lucky to have what an average Haryanvi matriarch has, but today it feels I have got my home in the true sense. I am happy I will die as Reena, rather than a molki (bought-one),” says Reena (64), who is among the first bought brides in the state to get her nameplate installed outside her home.
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A bit of Haryana's Bibipur in Delhi schools
From this academic session, the students of Class X in private schools of Delhi will read an interesting story of Bibipur village in Jind district of Haryana in their workbook. The chapter titled ‘A Village Named Bibipur’ is a story of former sarpanch of the village Sunil Jaglan how he brought about change in the village. The chapter is in Section 1 of Unit 6: Of Dreams and Realities, in Skypath (Course Book 8). It talks about how Bibipur fought for the rights of women and brought technology into the lives of the villagers – all thanks to sarpanch Sunil Jaglan, a postgraduate.
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Haryana Villages To Have House Nameplates With Only Girl’s Name
he gloomy past record of having one of the lowest sex ratio numbers in India makes it really important for the Haryana administration to consistently adopt countermeasures as well as common people to unlearn unacceptable patriarchal norms to be able to improve gender equality in the state.
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Haryana: Period charts at home is former sarpanch’s latest campaign
The first time Rizwana uttered the word “period” in her house, she saw several puzzled faces. The men were especially uncomfortable because they never thought the word could be said out aloud. “There was an awkward silence in the room. But slowly, I could talk to my family about my monthly cycle. I asked them if I could up a menstruation chart in the house and everyone agreed,” said the teenager from Tauru in Nuh.
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Only ‘beti’ on nameplates of homes in this Haryana village
GURUGRAM: Each of the 250 houses in Kirori in Nuh (formerly Mewat) will be identified by the girls in the family after the small villlage of 1,200 residents on Friday put up plaques at the entrance of homes with names of only the daughters living there. Nuh, although not the most developed or well-off districts, has a sex ratio of 908, which is higher than most other districts in Haryana.
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How PM Modi's Beti Bachao, Selfie Banao campaign became a rage to rewrite gender-skewed script in Haryana
Soon after he woke up on Sunday morning, Sunil Jaglan posted a status update on his Facebook account. “Today, I will listen to honourable Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat on the radio,” the 33-year-old Panchayat head of Bibipur village in Haryana wrote in Hindi.
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Chaos at 'Selfie with Daughter' event on PM Modi's birthday
AHMEDABAD: A programme organised by local BJP leaders of Bapunagar area of the city to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday took an ugly turn today after large number of women stormed onto the stage as organisers abruptly announced cancellation of the event, moments before it was about to begin this afternoon.
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